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Why a Company Retreat?

Cultivate a happier, healthier, more creative community.

Why is it so important to give employees the space and time to focus on their health and wellbeing, build stronger connections with colleaguesrenew their energy, learn practical tools and a create fundamental support network. Discover how a corporate retreat can improve employee engagement and wellbeing at work, as well as increase productivity and creativity levels. Want to know more about our bespoke corporate retreat packages? Why not request a brochure.

Why do we need to create space?

With global stress levels continuing to rise, many companies are thankfully now recognising the importance and value of employee self-care when it comes to workplace wellbeing and building resilience; supporting teams and individuals through the busy periods, taking time out to educate, and rewarding them with purposeful breaks for recovery.

Why create space?

What have you tried already?

In an attempt to address the negative health implications of stress, affecting both moral and performance at work, employers are now actively encouraging staff to disconnect from their devices and 'switch off' during personal time to allow for rest and reset. This is great in theory, but much harder to implement than it sounds.

What have you tried?

But why a retreat?

Company retreats provide a complete change of routine, environment and conversation. These experiences are designed to give employees the necessary space to disconnect from their devices and re-focus on their own mental health and wellbeing. Something that's incredibly necessary, but rarely done today. All whilst building better connections with colleagues. Employees leave with a renewed energypractical stress management skills and a fundamental support network.

But why a retreat?

What are the business benefits?

With a renewed emphasis on self-care, and better connections with colleagues, nature and themselves, you’ll be surprised how quickly 'business-related' challenges also start to improve. When staff are actively encouraged by their employer to take care of their health and wellbeing, it has been shown to drastically improve productivity, effectiveness and creativity. It will also have a positive impact on employee absenteeism and drive job satisfaction, thereby retaining key talent. All of which contribute to a company's bottom line.

What business benefits?
How does it work?

So how do our retreats work?

Our bespoke company retreat programs can be designed for entire businesses, specific teams, or a group of individual execs. We combine resilience-building and self-care orientated activities, health and nutritional coaching, educational talks, creative workshops and team building experiences. Want to find out more detail including guide prices?


“This trip exceeded my expectations. The hosts were intentional and responsive. The food was incredible and the day trips a lot of fun.”

Lisa N, 2019

Want to know more or get a quote?

Request a full company retreat brochure with more information on how we structure our programs, along with example itineraries and pricing plans. Or set up a call with one of our team.

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