Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

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Wellbeing workshops that build resilience and boost creativity.

Looking to organise a team or company wellbeing workshop, either in person or virtually? Need some help with the planning? Our all-inclusive workshop packages are tailor-made for you and your employees. We provide an end-to-end event design, management and support service; to remove as much of the stress for you as possible. Get in touch to request a full workshop brochure with pricing examples, arrange a call with one of our team, or request an initial quote within 24 hours.

What makes our workshops different?

Our corporate wellness workshops aren't just another webinar or lecture, nor do they feel like you're at a bootcamp. Our unique workshops are designed to help employees understand, value and protect some of their most personal and profitable assets - their health, wellbeing and creative potential. Why is this so important for employees and employers? Find out here.


How do we do this?

We do this via the delivery of unique and bespoke programmes; combining resilience-building and self-care orientated activities, health and nutritional coaching, educational and inspirational talkscreative workshops and team building experiences. Programmes can be delivered in person, or virtually to those working from home. They can be tailored for entire companies, specific teams or a group of execs and board members. 


What about a virtual retreat?

Our virtual retreat programmes start at £150pp. You may choose to fill a whole day or spread out the activities and workshops over a longer period - every week for example. Either way, it gives participants the powerful boost they need to either kick-start, re-ignite or continue on their personal wellness journey. Our focus is on reducing stress, improving health and boosting creativity. We include everything from daily fitness classes, meditation sessions and balanced nutrition, to creative workshops, group activities and shared experiences. We ultimately provide employees with the tools and the space to start or continue on their own path of self-care, discovery and developmentWe also believe that a fundamental part of wellbeing is having fun - so we hope you have some of that too! Our five pillar approach to wellbeing:

Example - 1 Day 

Packages from £150pp.

08:00  Movement practice

09:00  Setting intention / check in

09:30  Guest speaker

10:30  Mental Health Q&A

11:00  Break

11:30  Breath workshop

12:30  Group breakout and share

13:00  Lunch break - Go for a walk

14:00  Business KPI

15:00  Coping Strategies

15:30  Break

16:00  Creative Workshop

16:30  Group share and close

Example - Weekly 

Sessions from £50pp.

Week 1  Movement practice

Week 2  Guest speaker

Week 3  Mental Health Q&A

Week 4  Breath workshop

Week 5  Creative Workshop


1. Connect




2. Physical Health




3. Mindfulness




4. Mental Wellbeing




5. Support Networks





What bespoke workshops can we provide?

We offer a range of tailored options - some will be more suitable than others depending on the group size, client brief, budget and whether we are delivering in person or virtually. We're also happy to look at specific requests. Some examples below but for a full list please get in touch.


Guided Meditations

Unplug Sessions

Fitness Classes

Cooking Demonstrations


Inspirational Talks

Coping Strategies

Mental Health First Aid

Resilience Building


Team-building Activities

Group Shares


Personal Development

What about 'work'?

We understand that as a business you may want to utilise a corporate retreat as a opportunity to conduct some of your own private meetings, presentations or celebrations. We’re happy to help facilitate this, while ensuring that there is ample space and time to feel the benefits of our wellbeing programme.


Building resilience

We understand that building resilience is a complex and personal concept; the tools that work for one person may not be helpful to another. Our workshop and virtual retreats are designed to demonstrate the variety of useful tools at our disposal, focusing on the key areas that have been consistent in literature and research published by leading mental health organisations.

1. Wellbeing

2. Community

3. Coping Strategies


Why focus on creativity?

We all operate in a highly competitive, global environment; making creativity crucial. Creativity isn't just artistic talent, but the ability to problem solve, spot patterns, imagine, generate big ideas and think outside the box.

Creative thinking and intuition based decision making are powerful differentiators in business and in life. Our unique creative workshops, combined with outdoor activities in nature, act as a highly effective way to reduce stress and boost creativity

What's the booking process?

We tailor each and every detail to our clients brief to ensure we achieve all key objectives. Once we understand the group dynamics we will curate a package accordingly, with all our suitable suggestions. We offer clients a range of options - based on the group size, client brief and budget.


Step 1.

Step 2.

We'll arrange a follow up call to find out more info.

Step 3.

We'll present a bespoke proposal, package and itinerary.

Step 4.

Optional pre-workshop tool kit to be sent out 1-2 weeks before.

Step 5.

Workshop takes place and optional post-workshop tool kit.

Why choose us?

We have over 10 years of experience organising events - it's what we do. We personally design, organise and facilitate each of our retreats and workshops; partnering internationally with leading industry professionals in each sector. We handle everything from planning and facilitation to work-books and tool kits. We're here to remove the stress for you and make sure your workshop or virtual retreat runs as smoothly as possible.
Are we the right fit?

We work with businesses who want to invest in the long-term future of their employees; reward staff with something meaningful to demonstrate gratitude of their hard work and efforts; help them get back to peak performance after or before a busy period; take an active role in getting them inspired and motivated; cultivate a creative and productive environment for them to work; equip them with all the self-care tools they need to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle; support them while they build personal resilience; help strengthen bonds between peers and forge connections that exist beyond the office walls; understand the value and power of real-life experiences.


If this is your business, then we’d love to work with you.


Want to know more or get a free quote?

Request a full brochure with more information on how we structure our programs, along with example itineraries and pricing plans. Or set up a call with one of our team.

Reset. Regroup.


Are you a UK business owner or company director? Have you thought about how you're going to bring your team or workforce together once the coronavirus lockdown has been lifted? We’d like to support you transitioning into this next chapter. 

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