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Virtual Retreats and Employee Well-being Workshops

Online team experiences that build resilience and strengthen community.

Our virtual retreats and online learning and development training workshops provide a platform to reconnect and reengage, strengthen company foundations and support employees with their long-term health and well-being.


We're all currently feeling the effects of isolation and remote working. Teams have been split up, companies dispersed, and with it both moral and productivity can suffer. At Create Space, we've been doing our best to bring hundreds of employees together virtually, but in a meaningful way.

Gurchaten Sandhu,
Inclusion Specialist at ILO

"It felt amazing to hit the pause button and zoom in and look after that one person that matters most…"

Brennan Marshall,
People Director PwC

“I left this experience with new tools and actionable steps to employ on my mental health journey.”

Adam Mallaby,

Senior Comms at Boots

"Really insightful and thought-provoking programme."

Mattew Shaw,

Editor at BBC News

"The most amazing thing about the retreat - was realising how much I needed it."

Yusuke Takahashi,

Senior Comms at Ted Baker

"I felt a great sense of community and connection."

Ben Firth,

Associate Director at EY

"With the amazing mindfulness and breathwork techniques, I felt a huge sense of calm post-retreat."

Bespoke Programme

Building resilience.

We understand that building resilience is a complex and personal concept; the tools that work for one person may not be helpful to another. Our workshops and virtual retreats are designed to demonstrate the variety of useful tools at our disposal, focusing on the key areas that have been consistent in literature and research published by leading mental health organisations.

1. Health and Well-being

2. Community

3. Coping Strategies


1. Health and well-being.

Get in touch to request a brochurearrange a call, or request an initial quote within 24 hours.


1. Connect and build community.


2. Health-inspired and inclusive group fitness.


3. Unplug from tech and de-stress.


4. Learn new tools for mental wellbeing.


5. Build important support networks.

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2. Creating support networks.

Connectedness underpins everything that we do. All our workshops, activities and classes play a part in helping to form new or tighter bonds amongst peer groups. We believe that getting to know yourself and your colleagues should be fun.

Having a network of support at work is frequently highlighted as one of the most important components, not only of wellbeing, but also of long term resilience.

3. Finding coping strategies.

Coping certainly doesn’t mean keeping quiet and just getting on with it. It means prioritising, making healthy decisions and sometimes asking for help. We can learn skills to do deal with issues effectively and improve with practice.


These include:

- Recognising and expressing thoughts and emotions

- Creative and mindfulness exercises

- Simple breathing and de-stressing techniques


The tools and techniques we teach can be applied immediately to generate a measurable impact on health and happiness. We suggest partnering with one of our mental health specialists to incorporate therapeutic and educational elements throughout the retreat.

Also available : Pre and post-retreat workshops to help align mindsets, improve integration and provide additional support.

Increase productivity and engagement.

Despite taking place virtually, our inclusive online programmes are carefully designed to help employees feel the benefits of self-care and community. We help each person understand, value and protect their most personal and profitable assets - their health and wellbeing


When people feel included and empowered at work, they make more positive and healthy lifestyle choices, which in-turn increases engagement and output

Productivity and Engagemnt

What makes our programmes work?

Our programmes work because we combine resilience-building and self-care orientated activitiesmental health coachingeducational and inspirational talkscreative workshops and team building experiences.


Our programmes can be tailored for entire companiesspecific teams or a group of execs

Unique Workshops

Create a bespoke programme.

Our retreats gives participants a powerful boost to kick-start, re-ignite and continue on their personal wellness journey. We provide the necessary self-care tools and create a safe inclusive space. We also believe that a fundamental part of wellbeing is having fun - so we hope you have some of that too!

We'd also suggest some follow-up workshops over a longer period - eg. every week with a focus on increasing long-term resilience and building community

View example retreat programmes


Guided Meditations

Unplug Sessions

Fitness Classes

Cooking Demonstrations


Inspirational Talks

Coping Strategies

Mental Health First Aid

Resilience Building


Team-building Activities

Group Shares


Personal Development

What about 'work'?

We understand that you may want to utilise your time together to deliver some of your own content - a business update for example. We’re happy to help facilitate this, as long as it doesn't detract from the overall benefits of our wellbeing programme.

What about work?
Boost Creativity

Boost well-being and creativity.

We're all operating in a highly competitive, global environment; making creativity crucial. Creativity isn't just artistic talent, but the ability to problem solve, spot patterns, imagine, generate big ideas and think outside the box.

Creative thinking and intuition based decision making are powerful differentiators in business and in life. Our unique creative workshops, combined with wellness activities, act as a highly effective way to reduce stress and boost creativity

What's the booking process?

We tailor each and every detail to our clients brief to ensure we achieve all key objectives. Once we understand the group dynamics we will curate a package accordingly, with all our suitable suggestions. We offer clients a range of options - based on the group size, client brief and budget.

Booking Process - Corporate Retreats

Step 1.


Step 2.

We'll arrange a follow up call to find out more info.


Step 3.

We'll present a bespoke proposal, package and itinerary.


Step 4.

Optional pre-retreat tool kit to be sent out 1-2 weeks before.


Step 5.

Retreat takes place and optional post-retreat tool kit.

Why choose us?

We have over 10 years of experience organising events - it's what we do. We personally design, organise and facilitate each of our retreats and workshops; partnering internationally with leading industry professionals in each sector. 


We handle everything from planning and facilitation to work-books and tool kits. We're here to remove the stress for you and make sure your workshop or virtual retreat runs as smoothly as possible.
Why choose us?
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Want to know more or get a free quote?

Request a full brochure with more information on how we structure our programs, along with example itineraries and pricing plans. Or set up a call with one of our team.

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