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“Self-care is so important. It's allowed us to overcome challenging periods of personal growth, expand on our creative capabilities and redefine our professional lives. We now have the ambition to share that knowledge, passion and energy with others.”

Founders of Create Space Retreats and brothers, Michael and Angus Stephens


How can we help?

The vision.

We're here to remove the stigma surrounding self-care. And at the same time, make it a priority in the lives of each and every person. Self-care isn't selfish. In fact, when you take good care of yourself, you're in a much better position to take care of other people.

Our mission.

At Create Space Retreats, it's our mission to build a community and platform that serves to educate, support and inspire other individuals to 'Create Space' in their own lives.

What is Creating Space?

'Creating Space' is our way of framing self-care and personal growth. 'Self-care' for us is paying close attention to our mind, body and emotions. Doing what we can to understand and protect what's important.

How do you Create Space?

That's where we come in. We're here to help. Our unique self-care programmes, wellness retreats and creative workshops empower our guests, who leave excited to continue on their own path towards wellbeing.

Our Mission

Our story.

Create Space Retreats was founded by brothers, Michael Edward Stephens and Angus Stephens, born in the UK.


“We both recognised at a certain point that we needed to make some fairly simple but transformational changes to our lifestyles. It wasn’t quick or easy, but along the way we’ve gained resilience, understanding and awareness. When it comes to following your passion, self-care is so important. It has allowed us to overcome challenging periods of personal growth, expand on our creative capabilities and redefine our professional lives. We now have the ambition to share that knowledge, passion and energy with others.”

Our Story

Angus has been organising and facilitating wellness retreats in Costa Rica and across Europe for over 10 years. He’s also a chef unlike any other. Many chefs are well-travelled, but few have created such a seamless fusion between daily life and culinary philosophy. Over the last 30 years, he’s made stops in award-winning restaurants and casual cooking environments from Scotland to Fiji, Copenhagen to East Hampton. 


“I’ve worked in some pretty high-intensity cooking environments; so I understand the pressures of delivery and perfection. Managing stress when your job is your passion is vital, but self-care is hugely personal. I find the most effective way to reset my own mind and body is by sometimes getting out the kitchen and getting on my surf board!”


Before starting Create Space Retreats, Michael spent over 10 years working in senior creative leadership positions for some of the world’s most respected British brands within the fashion, travel and retail industries - including i-D Magazine, Vice, Liberty London, Ted Baker and Virgin Atlantic. He is now a passionate mental health and wellbeing advocate.


“I’ve battled with mental and physical health challenges throughout my entire career, and worked through periods of complete exhaustion doing something I love. I'm so thankful that I was eventually able to address these issues, and make some important life changes. I wanted to share my story and do what I can to help others safe-guard their own wellbeing.”


How can we help you Create Space?

Are you a business wanting to organise a Create Space Retreat for your employees? Take a look at our virtual retreats page to find out about the bespoke packages we offer.

Planning to host your own retreat? We can take away all of the stress by organising it for you. Take a look at our bespoke retreats page to find out more. 

How can we help?

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Any other questions?

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