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Executive Leadership Retreats

Discover a new path forward, for you and your business.

Our bespoke executive retreats are designed to support and inspire leaders at every level.

Ready for change?
Gurchaten Sandhu,
Inclusion Specialist at ILO

"It felt amazing to hit the pause button and zoom in and look after that one person that matters most…"

Darren Burn, CEO at

"An opportunity to learn skills to help reset your body and mind in a world where it’s often hard to find time for yourself."

Adam Mallaby,

Senior Comms at Boots

"Really insightful and thought-provoking programme."

Mattew Shaw,

Editor at BBC News

"The most amazing thing about the retreat - was realising how much I needed it."

Sheridan Chilvers,

Futures for Business

"The retreat provided me with a moment to pause, reflect and review what motivates me and what I stand for."

Ben Firth,

Associate Director at EY

"With the amazing mindfulness and breathwork techniques, I felt a huge sense of calm post-retreat."

Why reset?

The world as we knew it has changed. And with it, the working landscape massively shifted. There’s no doubt that it’s going to be hard work. But this could also now be seen as a unique opportunity for you to redefine how you engage with and support your employees.


Why now?

The collective pain, sadness and loss that the world has experienced as a result of coronavirus will show up in the workplace, whether we like it our not. It will appear in many forms; from low-level productivity, to depression and even burnout.


It’s now more vital than ever for businesses to take an active role in building resilience across the organisation, at every level. Mental health and physical health have to become a key focus. 

Reimagining your business.

Have your personal values changed? How does that impact your professional strategy to move forward effectively and authentically? 


These may be some of the important questions you need to answer. But before you do that, it is necessary to pause, reflect and process recent events - as a group, and as individuals. We support you with that. Showing some vulnerability could become your greatest strength as a an organisation.
Reimagining yor business

It starts with you.

Our programmes offer a purposeful change of pace, routine and conversation. Aside from the business and strategy focused sessions we facilitate, these re-energising experiences are designed to you the necessary time and space, to slow down, pause, reflect, and re-focus on your own health and wellbeing - two key elements of building resilience. Only from that place can you then authentically make a wider impact across your organisation.

Why a retreat?

We set you up for success.

You may initially see this as just more time out. A delay to getting started on the 'real work'. However, this race we are all embarking on isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. And with a renewed emphasis on self-care, and a new support network, you’d be surprised how much productivity and creativity also start to improve.


With boosted energy, enthusiasm and drive, it’s also much easier to retain momentum and prevent burnout. Which in the long-term, is much better for the business’ bottom line.


Building resilience.

We understand that building resilience is a complex and personal concept; the tools that work for one person may not be helpful to another. Our programmes are designed to demonstrate a variety of useful tools at our disposal, focusing on the key areas that have been consistent in practice and research published by leading mental health organisations.

1. Health and Wellbeing

2. Support Networks

3. Coping Strategies


1. Health and wellbeing.

Our five pillar holistic approach gives you the powerful boost you need to either kick-start, re-ignite or continue on your personal wellness journey. We include everything from daily fitness classes, mindfulness sessions and creative workshops.

View example one-day itinerary.

Health and Wellbeing
Building Resilience

1. Network


2. Physical Health


3. Mental Well-being


4. Personal Strategy


5. Listen and learn


2. Creating support networks.

Connectedness underpins everything that we do. All our workshops play a part in helping to form new bonds amongst groups of like-minded individuals. 

Having a network of support is frequently highlighted as one of the most important components, not only of wellbeing, but also of long term resilience.

Creating Support Networks

3. Finding coping strategies.

Coping certainly doesn’t mean keeping quiet and just getting on with it. It means prioritising, making healthy decisions and sometimes asking for help. We can learn skills to do deal with issues effectively and improve with practice.


These include:

- Recognising and expressing thoughts and emotions

- Creative and mindfulness exercises

- Simple breathing and de-stressing techniques


The tools and techniques we teach can be applied immediately to generate a measurable impact on health and happiness.


Our trusted team.

In addition to our in-house expertise, we partner internationally with leading industry professionals in each sector to deliver a range of sessions from Strategy and Coaching, to Fitness and Mental Health. Each team member is a trusted expert in their field and comes with the necessary experience and qualifications.

Our Trusted Team

Our partners.

We have an extensive network of trusted partners, consultants and associates from which we choose a bespoke team based on our set brief.

Workshop Facilitators

Inspirational Speakers

Fitness Instructors 


Creative Leaders

Wellbeing Specialists

Organisational Psychologists

Behavioural Experts

Business Mentors

Strategic Coaches

Create Space Retreats Logo
Our Network

Your key objectives.

We can incorporate any key business goals into the bespoke retreat agenda. We will do a preliminary call to find out what your personal and professional objectives are.

Why choose us?

We have over 15 years of experience organising wellness retreats - it’s what we do. Over lockdown we've put hundreds of employees through our virtual retreat programmes. We’ve built up a trusted network of award-winning associates and consultants, with whom we can deliver these transformational experiences. We can help you make long-lasting changes that drive productivity, creativity and ROI.

Why choose us?

How much does it cost?

Our executive virtual retreat packages start from...

View example itinerary

1 Day - £350pp.

2 Day - £550pp.

3 Day - £750pp.

Bespoke Solutions

For more information and dates or enquiries please don’t hesitate to get in touch or set up a call with one of our team.

Let's Reset.

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