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How am I? Creating Space with Jodie Cariss.

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

We ask Jodie Cariss, Founder of Self Space, how she's coping during the coronavirus lockdown.

As part of our ongoing Create Space, Repeat series, we’ve asked a select group of mental health professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs about their new or updated self-care routine at this challenging time. I wanted to know how they planned to try and find work life balance during coronavirus lockdown. This is intended to demonstrate the diversity of ways people are coping, and perhaps highlight some similarities in the tools and practices being used.

What challenges are you facing? 

Refocusing the business to operate digitally. Making sure the team feel safe so that the clients also can. Managing the space of not knowing myself and being able to hold that as the founder - which sometimes means saying I don’t know or I can’t solve that right now. It reminds us that humility and authenticity are powerful. Also having the kids at home is challenging, the balance of that and working. 

How are you staying creative?

I find the therapeutic relationship very creative. Both with my clients and my own therapist. So actively participating in that work ishelpful for me. Playing with my kids is creative - when it’s not challenging! Also yoga and running. 

What are you creating? Why? 

Digital workshops for our corporate partners to support staff at this challenging time, and free sessions for nhs staff and key workers. It’s mattered to myself and the team that we responded well to the situation and provide valuable support to those that need it inways that we can but that doesn’t stretch us to much. Also group sessions via zoom so that we can work well with the community. I love group therapy I’m a massive fan of the forum and think it’s very powerful for people. 

How are you getting inspired? 

By the resilience I see in people, children and our services - it’s inspiring to be reminded of how able we are to adapt. I’m inspired by kindness and I see it more frequently now. Overcoming challenges for myself and being so close to people that also do. And enforced slowing down. It’s novel for me and I’m sure many of us. It allows you to be inspired. I’m also a big fan of home interior style social accounts and graze on those for inspirations!  

Are you seeing things from a new perspective? 

Not new necessarily, as I think we bring ourselves into everything. But I am being pushed to look deeper and to really find different coping mechanisms when many of the ones I relied on have been stripped back during this time - finding new routines and new ways of being gives you new perspective.  

How do you find space?  

Making lists. Tidying. Sleeping 8 hours and yoga when I can. I also find space in conversation - the pictures in the space between - they can really help you find space inside what might feel overwhelming or congested. Sharing things that feel heavy give you space. 

What does your self-care routine look like? 

Everything in moderation. Try to stay away from the terminology this is good or bad for me. Sleep, water, exercise, saying what I want to say to people and not letting things fester. 

What tools or practices do you use or find helpful?  

Asking myself everyday 'what do you feel my love'? 'What do you need'. Practising self compassion.  

What does your support network look like?

I have a small number of close friends. I’m fairly private in many ways and have a really lovely family. I have lots of nieces and nephews that I love! My therapist, my supervisor, my ex husband And my boyfriend all support me. So lots of love! 

How are you connecting with friends and family?

Zoom, house party, face times and I love voice notes. 

When and where do you retreat? 

In the sun when I can. 

Is there somewhere calm to rest or reset?  

I find our therapy rooms really calm and a place to focus. 

Have you set new rules / boundaries? Why are they important?  

Boundaries are really important for your mental health. Particularly within your relationships - it’s really important at times of change that you don’t revert to hold habits and behaviours that may not keep you well. Conserving your energy and not letting people take too much is important - holding that boundary. Also work/home boundaries need creating at a time like this. So that you can define where you put your energy. 

What are you valuing more now?  


Self Space offers an opportunity for a good conversation with a qualified person. They offer a range of session options including  1-1 therapy, couples therapy, student sessions, supervision, executive coaching and team dynamics sessions.

A big thank you to all those who contributed to the 'Create Space, Repeat' series.

Stay safe.

Three employees on a company retreat after the corona lockdown has ended

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