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Welcome to Create Space Workshops. We host experiential workshops carefully designed around tried and tested psychological and holistic practices to take participants on a process of self-exploration and personal development. These include compassionate self-inquiry, sharing in groups, breathwork, journaling, creative workshops, and transformational techniques to elicit a deeper connection and understanding.


LGBTQ+ Wellbeing

Saturday 17th October : FREE

Reset My Self.

A self-empowerment workshop to recalibrate your life.​

Join this self-empowerment workshop to learn effective tools for replacing your outdated self-imposed narratives and self-limiting beliefs with different perspectives and new possibilities.

LGBTQ+ Wellbeing

Various dates in 2020/21

Who am i?

A virtual retreat exploring identity as a gay man in 2020.

What's really motivating me? Why do I want this so bad? Why is nothing ever enough? Am I being my authentic self?


LGBTQ+ Wellbeing

Various dates in 2020/21

Me, my body and i.

A workshop exploring our relationship to the body.

Why do I care so much about my image? Why am I obsessed with body perfection? Why do I feel like I’m never enough?

Autumn 2020

Coming Soon.

Who am i?

A virtual retreat exploring identity as a trans woman in 2020.

What do I need? Where am I on my journey? Will I ever feel enough? Am I now being my authentic self?


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