Who am i?

'Who am i?' is a virtual well-being programme to support and empower LGBTQ+ employees. Our bespoke programmes normalise the discussion of heavily stigmatised issues and create more inclusive, supportive and successful workplaces. Enrolling your LGBTQ+ employees in one of our relevant and tailored programmes will fundamentally enable them to reach their full potential, while increasing productivity, engagement and output.


"Really insightful and thought-provoking programme. I would definitely recommend exploring this and future programmes if, like me, you’re interested in being more self-aware, delving into your own mind, and learning some new thinking strategies!"

Adam Mallaby, Senior Communications Manager at Walgreens Boots Alliance

A bit about Create Space.

We at Create Space organise bespoke retreat and workshop experiences in the UK, Europe and online. 

Our unique transformational programmes are designed to inspire, empower, and build a more supportive, creative community. We want our guests to leave excited to continue on their own path of self-discovery, self-care, and with a deeper connection to what’s meaningful to them.


For more information or enquiries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.