“This programme is essential to equip future leaders within our community.”

Gurchaten Sandhu, UN-GLOBE President

'Who am I?' is a Well-being and Empowerment Programme for your LGBTQ+ Employees.

We support individuals with reaching their full potential at work and in life.

Why do you need this programme?

The LGBTQ+ community is three times more likely to experience anxiety and depression compared to the general population, with over 50% admitting they have suffered from mental health issues. (Source: Stonewall)

The employee well-being needs of each minority group are unique and require specific attention. By normalising the discussion of heavily stigmatised issues, we create more inclusive, supportive and successful workplaces


“LGBT+ people are at a heightened risk of psychological distress because of the stresses created by stigmatisation, marginalisation and discrimination.”

(Source: HSE)


What does the programme involve?

Identity and authenticity are at the core of our programme because understanding both is key to unlocking potential. Our leading industry professionals guide participants through a process of self-exploration, using applied neuroscience teachings, interactive workshops, developmental coaching, and peer-to-peer learning. Participants establish action-orientated goals and objectives; empowered with practical next steps, a self-care toolkit and a support network to build connection and resilience.

“People cannot achieve their fullest health potential unless they are able to take control of those things which determine their health.”

(Source: World Health Organisation)


How does it benefit the business?

Studies show that when employees feel confident about their identity at work, they are more innovative, productive and impactful. When people feel included and empowered, they make more positive and healthy lifestyle choices, which in-turn increases engagement and output. They become more confident with the decisions they make and more intuitive in their actions. By enrolling your LGBTQ+ employees in a relevant and tailored well-being programme such as this, you fundamentally encourage them to reach their full potential. And by investing in the long-term well-being of your minority group employees, you commit to supporting the entire community.


We have supported over 100 people through our virtual programme. 95% have rated the experience as five stars. Participants include senior execs from brands such as Dyson, BBC, Virgin, Hyatt, PwC, EY, Travelex, TFL, Nokia, ENEI, INvolve, Mindshare, ILO (The UN), Deloitte, Lloyds, Havas, Iceland Air, Studio Canal, Vodafone, Walgreens Boots Alliance and Ted Baker. 

"Really insightful and thought-provoking programme. I would definitely recommend!"

Adam Mallaby, Senior Manager at Walgreens Boots Alliance

The workshops.

The programme is carefully designed around tried and tested powerful psychological and holistic techniques. We use different combinations of creative exercises, self-exploration tools and transformational techniques. These are interspersed with expansive teachings and developmental coaching practices. We teach the necessary tools to safe-guard valuable resources, such as our creativity, intuition and personal resilience.


Our trusted team.

We personally design, organise and facilitate each of our retreats and workshops; partnering internationally with leading industry professionals in each sector. You’ll work in close collaboration with each of the team members in respect of their given workshop. They will not be offering any counselling or diagnoses relating to psychological issues that attendees may be experiencing throughout the retreat. In the case of significant distress, additional or subsequent support will be sign-posted or referred as required.

Virtual programme.

Day 1

09:00  Introductions

09:30  LGBT+ culture and community

10:00  Mindful movement class

11:00  Shame, guilt and rejection

11:30  Trauma and it's impact

12:30  Self-Acceptance (Guest speaker)

12:30  Intersectionality

13:00  Group share and closing

14:30  End of day one

Day 2

09:00  What is my identity?

09:30  Becoming more authentic

10:00  Breakouts

10:30  My relationships

11:00  Group share

12:00  Breathwork

13:30  'Future self' and core values

14:00   Integration and closing

14:30  End of day one

Other information.

  • There will be a maximum of twelve participants in each retreat.

  • Spaces are limited to one participant from each company to retain anonymity.

  • There are specific programme dates for different demographics. 

  • The standard 2 day virtual retreat programme cost is £350pp.

  • This schedule is subject to change slightly based on group dynamics and the organic nature of some workshops.


Safety is our main priority. For this reason we ask all participants to complete an online pre-retreat assessment, before we can confirm their place on the workshop. These are standard questions, there to protect the safety of everyone involved. This information will only be shared on a ‘need to know’ basis and will be GDPR compliant. We will also be undertaking other necessary safety measures during and post-retreat.


What's required and provided.

At least two weeks before: Medical assessment and pre-retreat questionnaire issued. Option of a call with us.


One week before: We provide an intro pack and short ‘pre-retreat worksheet’.* 


The virtual retreat itself (Two half days)

At the end of day one, participants are provided with a homework task to help process and reflect.* We will ask for participation and commitment to complete the full programme.


One week after: A toolkit and recommended reading list will be provided along with some useful links. 


Each month after: An optional monthly group follow-up session to check-in.

*All ‘homework’ tasks have been designed to maximise your understanding, development and learning experience.

About the founder.


Michael is a mental health and LGBTQ+ advocate. He spent over 10 years working in creative leadership positions for some of the world’s most respected British brands within the fashion, travel and retail industries - including i-D Magazine, Vice Media, Liberty London, Ted Baker and Virgin Atlantic. He now runs his own business, Create Space Retreats and Workshops, promoting the importance and value of self-care, specifically within the creative and LGBTQ+ communities.   

“I struggled for many years accepting my own sexuality. Since coming out over 10 years ago, I’ve also battled with mental and physical health challenges, and worked through periods of complete exhaustion. I’m so thankful that I was eventually able to address these issues before it was too late. Making some important changes probably saved my life.”

A bit about Create Space.

We at Create Space organise bespoke retreat and workshop experiences in the UK, Europe and online. Our unique transformational programmes are designed to inspire, empower, and build a more supportive, creative community. We want our guests to leave excited to continue on their own path of self-discovery, self-care, and with a deeper connection to what’s meaningful to them.


For more information or enquiries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.