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We're a global retreat and workshop planning service, based in the UK. We organise bespoke wellness retreats, workshops and experiences for brands, businesses and executives - both in person, and virtually. Our unique self-care programmes focus on connecting health and wellbeing with community.


This year has been tough for everyone. At Create Space, we've been doing our best to bring hundreds of employees together virtually in their own homes. Find out more about our team experiences.

Charlie Palmer,
Managing Editor at All4

"Brilliantly curated and facilitated, with a strong sense of community."

Liam Rezende,
Senior Comms at Hyatt Hotels

"The weekend was the catalyst to better understanding, exploring and improving my mental health."

Dr Paul Taylor-Pitt,

Consultant at NHS

"Despite being at home, I was transported around the world and inside my own body."

Mattew Shaw,

Editor at BBC News

"The most amazing thing about the retreat - was realising how much I needed it."

Yusuke Takahashi,

Senior Comms at Ted Baker

"I felt a great sense of community and connection."

Ben Firth,

Associate Director at EY

"With the amazing mindfulness and breathwork techniques, I felt a huge sense of calm post-retreat."

Virtual team experiences.

Our virtual retreats provide a space for individuals to focus on self-care and personal development, while at the same time making more meaningful connections with peers.


Online employee workshops.

Our all-inclusive corporate wellness packages include everything from mental well-being workshops to health and self-care inspired classes. All are tailor-made for you and your employees.

Let's Reset: Our leadership retreat.

Are you a business owner or company director? We provide a space for you to focus and reflect on your own personal health and well-being strategy.

Create Space physical experiences.

Are you a business wanting to organise a retreat experience for your employees? Take a look at our corporate retreats page to find out about the bespoke packages we offer.

Planning a retreat for your customers or clients? We can remove the stress by organising it for you. Take a look at our bespoke retreats page to find out more. 

Want to know more about us?

Fancy reading more about our story? Or our unique approach to designing retreats, including our list of preferred destinations?


Our founders

Create Space Retreats was founded by brothers, Michael Edward Stephens and Angus Stephens, born in the UK.


“Self-care is so important. It has allowed us to overcome challenging periods of personal growth, expand on our creative capabilities and redefine our professional lives. We now have the ambition to share that knowledge, passion and energy with others.”


Our mission

We at Create Space Retreats believe that our physical and mental health are two of the most valuable assets a person can have - but they need constant work. Our unique self-care programmes, wellness retreats and creative workshops aim to inspire, empower, and build a more supportive community.


Creating Space 

Creating Space is our online Health and Wellbeing Journal. We've combined self-care recommendations from leading industry wellness professionals and creative entrepreneurs, along with professional advice, articles and interviews with our trusted network of mental health specialists, social psychologists and corporate wellbeing experts.

Create Space Retreats

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