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We're a global retreat and workshop planning service, based in the UK. We organise bespoke wellness retreats, workshops and experiences for brands, businesses and individuals - both in person, and virtually. Our unique self-care programmes focus on connecting health and wellbeing with creativity.

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Reset My Self.

An LGBTQ+ self-empowerment workshop series for recalibrating your life. Learn effective tools for replacing your outdated self-imposed narratives and self-limiting beliefs with different perspectives and new possibilities.


Who am i?

A retreat series exploring identity as a gay man. This sequence of powerful experiential workshops is designed to take you through a process of deeper self-exploration, understanding and personal development.

Virtual retreats and workshops.

Our experiential digital workshops have been carefully created based on tried and tested psychological and holistic practices. We provide a space for participants to go on a process of self-exploration and personal development.


Corporate wellbeing.

Looking to organise a wellbeing workshop for your company, either in person or virtually? Need some help with the planning? Our all-inclusive workshop and retreat packages are tailor-made for you and your employees.

Reset. Regroup.


Are you a UK business owner or company director? Have you thought about how you're going to bring your team or workforce together once the coronavirus lockdown has been lifted? We’d like to support you transitioning into this next chapter. 


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19 - 26 September 2020

Packages from €1395

Create Space Retreats

Autumn Retreat

Odemira, Portugal

We are spending 8 days at a family-run permaculture ranch on Portugal’s Southwest Atlantic coast. We'll provide creative workshops, daily yoga and meditation, local excursions and activities, as well as beautiful food all week with local organic produce. So whether you're into surfing, hiking or reading at the bio-pool, you'll find the spot to create space, unplug and reset.


Our founders

Create Space Retreats was founded by brothers, Michael Edward Stephens and Angus Stephens, born in the UK.


“We both recognised at a certain point that we needed to make some fairly simple but transformational changes to our lifestyles. It wasn’t quick or easy, but along the way we’ve gained resilience, understanding and awareness. Self-care is so important. It has allowed us to overcome challenging periods of personal growth, expand on our creative capabilities and redefine our professional lives. We now have the ambition to share that knowledge, passion and energy with others.”


Our mission

We at Create Space Retreats believe that our physical and mental health are two of the most valuable assets a person can have - but they need constant work. We are passionate about the power of nature, nurture and creativity to change the way we honour ourselves, each other, and the environment. Our unique self-care programmes, wellness retreats and creative workshops aim to inspire, empower, and build a more supportive community. We want our guests to leave excited to continue on their own path towards wellbeing and with a connection to what’s meaningful to them.


Creating Space 

Creating Space is our online Health and Wellbeing Journal. It's about finding balance in life, which we know isn't easy. But the good news is that there are plenty of ways to get there. So whether you're Creating Space for yourself, your team, or perhaps the people in your community - here you'll find some of the most useful tools, practices and guidance available. We've combined self-care recommendations from leading industry wellness professionals and creative entrepreneurs, along with professional advice, articles and interviews with our trusted network of mental health specialists, social psychologists and corporate wellbeing experts. Hopefully it gives you some inspiration to either kickstart or continue on your own personal wellness journey.

Create Space Retreats

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